3rd Life: Episode 8 - THE FINAL LIFE

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3rd Life: Episode 8 - THE FINAL LIFE 3rd life finale - Grian is seeing this series through, who will win?

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  1. Grian
    5 napja

    Make it to the end of the video to find out about a season 2...

    1. Shura
      4 napja

      Best series EVER

    2. Max Portelli Chadwick
      Max Portelli Chadwick
      4 napja

      Small suggestion for the second season, after you get to red have it so that if you take a life you go back to yellow, but if you go back to red, you have to double the lives you take to go back to yellow, so 1 life, then 2, then 4, then 8 etc

    3. Mr. Fish 69
      Mr. Fish 69
      4 napja

      Bring mumbo in to help with your terrible traps 😂

    4. Pewd
      4 napja

      @Quinn Nowadnick Phil curses too much, even if he tried not too he still prob would then they would have to say bye to revenue

    5. Mr. cat
      Mr. cat
      4 napja


  2. ZiHao Tang
    ZiHao Tang
    19 perccel

    I had to go to the bathroom that entire video but, At the end, I managed to hold it in in respect for pizza.

  3. chrism7317
    23 perccel

    You should use Candles to make chess

  4. Blockyverse
    27 perccel

    What about 4th life or 2nd life...

  5. Blockyverse
    41 perce

    Never heard anything better than scar complaining about grian pulling away the water 16:47

  6. Michaelle Barthélus
    Michaelle Barthélus
    43 perccel

    (We hope)😂

  7. Bread Plays
    Bread Plays

    666 dislikes

  8. Blockyverse

    2 lives in 2 episodes? jeez...

  9. ForIcedCoffee

    I actually cried on this one XD

  10. Paul Weeks
    Paul Weeks

    grian can you pls make big chinese temple for season 8 of hermitcraft

  11. The great Dill
    The great Dill
    2 órája


  12. Shairne Shadowfell
    Shairne Shadowfell
    2 órája


  13. Ákos Gyulai
    Ákos Gyulai
    2 órája

    Great series, loved every second! And of course the leap of faith at the end!

  14. Martin Schiller
    Martin Schiller
    3 órája

    that ending brought me tears :,(

  15. mun zy
    mun zy
    3 órája

    We did it at what cost

    1. thomas boorman
      thomas boorman
      3 órája


  16. Tactition Robin
    Tactition Robin
    3 órája

    Is that Destiny music used at the end during the fight and end sequence?

  17. Arvensis Andromeda
    Arvensis Andromeda
    3 órája

    Such a heartbreaking ending ;+;

  18. Elliot Bilverstone
    Elliot Bilverstone
    4 órája

    RIP scar

  19. MAMPS
    4 órája


  20. Skye Fin
    Skye Fin
    4 órája

    I saw this meem and it was,3rd life cayos, and mumbo jumbo enjoying creative mode

  21. Pablo ThaiTaco
    Pablo ThaiTaco
    5 órája

    Petition to have grian use the chisel and bits mod

  22. Mitchie Mari
    Mitchie Mari
    5 órája

    Please bring taurtis to season 2 he's back

  23. Deca4531
    5 órája

    today is my sons b~day

  24. RobADT
    5 órája

    it's weird to think that builder boy was the last person

  25. Random Stranger
    Random Stranger
    5 órája

    They should make it so that a message appears when there's a last person. It'll be like the Hunger Games!

  26. mellongladiator
    6 órája

    The bigger the clout the stronger the plot armor *Joke*

  27. Ace
    6 órája

    You should do a factions server with these people

  28. Mergedportal
    6 órája


  29. kes Kelly Sch
    kes Kelly Sch
    7 órája

    I had so much fun watching this! Thank you! I'm going to bingewatch it again with my boyfriend!

  30. HKM716
    7 órája

    Are team wins now no more king scar king grian takes the throwne we wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin

  31. Kalaya Hall
    Kalaya Hall
    8 órája

    "WHY ARE WE IN A BOAT IN A POND!?" "...bro moment?"

  32. Eddie781 Farming
    Eddie781 Farming
    8 órája

    Is there same teams

  33. rat
    8 órája

    make sure to acquire some kind of monopoly again

  34. Nyan Naing
    Nyan Naing
    8 órája

    I feel like we should name this war the prank since it happened because of a prank, it’s funny how grain started the war and he was the one who ended it

  35. tospak1
    9 órája

    Sun Tzu can not win this

  36. GALAXIAS star1239
    GALAXIAS star1239
    9 órája

    Finally victory"grian king,king,king"

  37. Carlos Pallete
    Carlos Pallete
    9 órája

    this was great to watch, we need Mumbo and Iskal

  38. Lexi O'Connor
    Lexi O'Connor
    10 órája

    Ah yess!!! That was amazing!!

  39. Gacha life Animations
    Gacha life Animations
    10 órája

    You should join empires smp

  40. Noah Cabrestante
    Noah Cabrestante
    10 órája

    This is more chaotic than the Dream SMP and I never thought Grian would be the deadliest

  41. enthusiasticGeek
    11 órája

    10:07 is he cool? (19:00 too ig)

  42. memodude
    11 órája

    I used to ruuule the wooorld

  43. clayton bailey
    clayton bailey
    11 órája

    Hermitcraft: civilized fun, shop 100+ episodes 3rd life: 9 episodes of pure chaos

  44. Duckskin
    12 órája

    if they stop doing this the first season we all will come back to in like 5 years and say its so nostaligic

  45. Duckskin
    12 órája

    Scar was the best "character" in this whole series even though there was no plot he seemed to add so much

  46. emination
    13 órája

    i bet u 2 bucks grian watched guardians of the galaxy 2 before this. He just had to say y'all after every "I'm Mary Poppins"

  47. MeatVincent
    14 órája

    that was awesome so excited for 2 season 2

  48. WumpyBoi
    14 órája


  49. vie purple
    vie purple
    14 órája

    You ken

  50. vie purple
    vie purple
    14 órája

    Plz es soon

  51. vie purple
    vie purple
    14 órája

    Hermitcraft 8 minecraft 1.17

  52. vie purple
    vie purple
    14 órája

    Hey grian 1.17 minecraft is here

  53. Andrew Wilhelm
    Andrew Wilhelm
    14 órája

    It was just a prank...

  54. Da Penguin
    Da Penguin
    14 órája

    You won!!!! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  55. Aydan Schall
    Aydan Schall
    15 órája

    grian, you NEED to remake a nether bastion

  56. quartz
    15 órája

    The best finale for any SMP....

    1. quartz
      15 órája

      I know he would win....

  57. seeni gzty
    seeni gzty
    16 órája

    this series was hilarious and unlike anything ive ever seen. im so hyped for season 2 dude

  58. Westonbigboi Gaming
    Westonbigboi Gaming
    16 órája

    I was ligit shivering

    1. seeni gzty
      seeni gzty
      16 órája

      While whiting for 1. 18.0 rip grian

  59. Linda Pomeroy
    Linda Pomeroy
    16 órája

    it was a fun time ty

  60. mikevlaw
    16 órája

    Grian you should play more hypixel like you used to

  61. SHz_Bean
    16 órája

    From start to finish, what a finale. Will miss this series

  62. Andrew Johnson
    Andrew Johnson
    16 órája

    Now that this series is done what's next? More building tips for 1.18?

  63. Angelica Espitia
    Angelica Espitia
    16 órája


  64. Daniel Beal
    Daniel Beal
    17 órája

    Include iskall and mumbo next timE!

  65. Saignus
    17 órája

    TFW your hardcore amp accidentally becomes the best factions server out there. Loved the series. Looking forward to season 2

  66. Sharon Hendrie
    Sharon Hendrie
    17 órája

    Grian can we have the link to the hermit crafts session 7 world so we can play on it and see your experience

  67. Supertux29
    17 órája

    One of my favorite series

  68. paul aaron raymundo
    paul aaron raymundo
    17 órája

    no im not crying, you are😭

  69. darcy mance
    darcy mance
    18 órája


  70. Dollyophile
    18 órája

    This entire series was a train wreck from start to finish. Can’t wait to see where the second one will head.

  71. Kristin Brown
    Kristin Brown
    18 órája

    I'm legit crying now...

  72. Jason Strongman
    Jason Strongman
    18 órája

    Thank goodness ren didn’t win 😳

  73. Mandostring :D
    Mandostring :D
    18 órája

    This was the only acceptable way of ending the series. Two bros battleing it out in a fight to the death were the winner wins nothing but the grief of the friends they lost along the way.

  74. Ivan Iloski
    Ivan Iloski
    19 órája

    While whiting for 1. 18.0 rip grian

  75. Camilla I.
    Camilla I.
    19 órája

    Loved this series!

  76. Piggington Games
    Piggington Games
    19 órája

    I loved this so much, so excited for season 2

  77. Adalyn Mason
    Adalyn Mason
    19 órája

    How many times has scar died?

    1. Air Person
      Air Person
      19 órája


  78. Liam Boeye
    Liam Boeye
    20 órája

    Wats next

  79. Lilac_ Reed
    Lilac_ Reed
    21 órája

    Ok but imagine if scar had Grian on the edge of the cliff and punches him off Scar, Brother!

  80. POTA Ultimate
    POTA Ultimate
    21 órája

    Just remember, he won with with slow falling arrows and two baked potatoes.

  81. CheeseBalls
    21 órája

    Watched the first 2, end at the 8th.

  82. Brey Osborne
    Brey Osborne
    21 órája

    It nad to be done

  83. Lieutenant lasagne
    Lieutenant lasagne
    21 órája

    This was so good do another series

  84. JBgamin 20
    JBgamin 20
    21 órája

    My favorite series

  85. Christian Beggs
    Christian Beggs
    22 órája

    i’m literally crying because of Scar’s and Grian’s Break up :,(

  86. Dashber 24
    Dashber 24
    22 órája

    3rd life for life

  87. Stefo the one
    Stefo the one
    22 órája

    Season 2 is gonna be Epic

  88. Mubby Muz
    Mubby Muz
    22 órája

    What a great series thank you Grian and your friends

  89. CannedDrops
    22 órája

    !!!! This was such a fun series :O

  90. Kaboomkid 5
    Kaboomkid 5
    23 órája

    What a beautiful ending🥲

  91. Karen Kyle
    Karen Kyle
    23 órája

    What is up with the complete debacle of HermitCraft downloads at the end of every season? There is a way to moderate downloads of the season... so not everyone is downloading at the same time which cancels out everyone else's download speed and ability!! People waste HOURS trying to download!!

  92. fatebit
    23 órája


  93. RandomRussain
    23 órája

    Ngl, cant wait for season 2.

  94. Ivan G
    Ivan G
    23 órája

    The end is so sad

  95. Yasepix
    23 órája


  96. Yasepix
    23 órája


    23 órája

    how different would things be if Grian didn't kill scar with a creeper

  98. jeffrey abbott
    jeffrey abbott
    23 órája

    bc scar and grian won the first season, do they get 4 lives in the next season?

  99. Jgxm
    23 órája

    I almost cried at the end

  100. Kitty Craft
    Kitty Craft