Things in Minecraft that make NO sense!

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Things in Minecraft that make NO sense! Grian lists all the things that don't make much sense in Minecraft.. Logic goes out the window sometimes in exchange for gameplay - I thought it would be funny to share my observations with you!

The examples in this video are from Java Minecraft only.

Thank you to DomRao, Spring, Oculism, Jbip for their suggestions for this video!


  1. Crazy Crew
    Crazy Crew

    Blazes will die in lava cauldrons but they’ll be perfectly fine in water cauldrons but it’s the other way around for just normal water and lava

  2. Ramani Subramanian
    Ramani Subramanian
    2 órája

    piston trik is not working

  3. Thetimevoid
    2 órája

    Why can a bucket hold that lava and then be smaller than the lava

  4. Truman Grey
    Truman Grey
    5 órája

    Maybe the lead thing is supposed to be your character attaching it to their belt or something so they can still use their hands to hold other tools

  5. I M
    I M
    5 órája

    You cant place anything on carpets

  6. Paul Myers
    Paul Myers
    6 órája

    Tuttle eggs are the size of a dimend

  7. ViktorS
    8 órája

    Johnnie Cochran bout to use this video as a defence.

  8. Masud Chokder
    Masud Chokder
    8 órája

    There's another thing that makes no sense the campfire is made of coal and coal does not run out in a furnace the coal runs out

    1. Masud Chokder
      Masud Chokder
      8 órája

      the fire of the campfire does not disappear even when is raining but fire from flint steel or lighting bolt disappear when you put water and when is raining

  9. Duncan Tringham
    Duncan Tringham
    8 órája

    You can light fire in rain but you can’t light a nether portal in rain

  10. Cezar Sorodoc
    Cezar Sorodoc
    9 órája

    You can also cross with you crackers you carefully step on the rocks!

  11. Corruptium Northeasti-Bornium
    Corruptium Northeasti-Bornium
    13 órája

    7:38 Bro, you just used a seed which has a village and a mansion combined. Guys have you even noticed this? It's a very rare seed.

  12. A Timeline of Aviation
    A Timeline of Aviation
    13 órája

    10:09 mumbo caught u stealing redstone

  13. Gucceh
    15 órája

    you need a diamond pickaxe to mine obsidian, right? but you can break enchantment tables with iron pickaxes...?

  14. amberley hillman
    amberley hillman
    17 órája


  15. Mr_ Pickle
    Mr_ Pickle
    17 órája

    When you make cake it should give u batter then u have to cook it to eat it or u can eat the batter but it was give barely any food things

  16. thecrazyteleporter
    22 órája

    The thing you forgot to mention is that you cannot mine gold with a golden pickaxe

  17. Toprak B.
    Toprak B.
    22 órája

    3:44 Campfires aren’t classified as something that deals fire damage for mobs with meat drops. An extension of what you said is that fire resistance (and also crouching which is mentioned later) negates magma block damage.

  18. Beatrix Szabo
    Beatrix Szabo
    23 órája


  19. Mihai Albu
    Mihai Albu
    23 órája

    *him talking *me sees pink sheep ;-;

  20. Mark Leonov
    Mark Leonov

    Also why does cobble take longer to mine than stone?

  21. Muskel King
    Muskel King

    Yousing axe without jumping is weaker than sword but using axe you use more power than sword

  22. Mr Chicken
    Mr Chicken

    10:05 actually, walking fast across hot coals makes you more likely to fall, and experience more pain. in hawaii, they tell you to walk across like a normal person, and you end up fine.

  23. ꧁・Black_Bluebells・꧂

    ok so meat does not cook when it isn't burning. in order to have the meat automatically cooked is to have it be lit on fire and have the fire effect

  24. Ramani Subramanian
    Ramani Subramanian

    njnj u are correct

  25. Jack Stover
    Jack Stover

    The score is for enchantment and stuff

  26. Fiona Hebben
    Fiona Hebben

    When he fell on the boat he died in mid air


    Clip bait

  28. Kevin Struß
    Kevin Struß

    The disenchanting makes total sense. You grind the inscription away.

  29. Daniel Kilonzo
    Daniel Kilonzo

    Fist one is sense

  30. Nelly Simard Schmidt
    Nelly Simard Schmidt

    ThAt blOcKS cAn FLotE!? (Nice vid)

  31. Patrick Donahoe
    Patrick Donahoe

    It takes longer to eat a piece of bread than a whole cake

  32. Ken Merritt
    Ken Merritt

    The reason why you can sneak on magma and not get hurt is because my theory is that you’re stepping carefully like around the coals or something

  33. Galaxy Gecko
    Galaxy Gecko

    Maybe it’s a red stone field

  34. sshatzer22

    when you throw the amownt of iron you need to make a caldrin in lava it berns(why dose it bern)BUT IF YOU PLACE DOWN A CALDRIN AND FILL IT UP WITH LAVA IT DOSENT FRIKEN BERN LIKE WTF

  35. Atlantis

    Throwback to when you needed two blocks of water to take no fall damage... I'm still a bit paranoid about that today lmao

  36. Teellypop2

    Hey u should warptch devious he has loads of these

  37. HackeR ReptileR
    HackeR ReptileR

    Water is like concrete when you fall on it from a plane with a really high speed, making your skin crack and sometimes one of your body parts would fall off.

  38. mega dog
    mega dog

    You cut the enchanted lair of the Tool

  39. Dzire Maseko
    Dzire Maseko
    2 napja


  40. Dino
    2 napja

    5:17 he has resistance lol

  41. gaming with matthew
    gaming with matthew
    2 napja

    5.20 is a game bro

  42. Shreetanu Sarkar
    Shreetanu Sarkar
    2 napja


  43. Joonas Mitt
    Joonas Mitt
    2 napja

    Every block is 1 meter tall So if your character is 2 blocks then you are always 2 meters tall But endermen are 3 blocks and they can't get through smaller areas EVEN ENDERMEN HAVE TALL PERSON PROBLEMS YOU DON'T WANT TO BE TALL you want to teleport

  44. dario lloshi
    dario lloshi
    2 napja

    I did catch a fish with a fishing rod the trick is go as high as u want and the fish is out of da water boom ur a fisherman

  45. Gustav Åkerman
    Gustav Åkerman
    2 napja

    The magma thing is that you carefully put your feet on the not hot parts of the block i.e the stone when sneaking and sloppily running on all the lava cracks when not sneaking.

  46. Edith Thompson
    Edith Thompson
    2 napja

    prickly boy

  47. Gavin Draper
    Gavin Draper
    2 napja

    Grian:prickly boi

  48. Lukas Brown
    Lukas Brown
    2 napja


  49. Y0l0 Wind!
    Y0l0 Wind!
    2 napja


  50. •PastelCourtnei•
    2 napja

    Do you guys wonder why when a villager is placed nexted to a zombie. It dies instead of turning in to a villager zombie. LIKE WHEN A ZOMBIE IS DONE WITH THE VILLAGER IT SHOULD TRUN INTO A ZOMBIE! And there’s a egg which says zombie villager.

  51. DavidsonDan
    2 napja

    I'm really upset he knocked a block out of that tree and just walked away

  52. Stop motion explosion
    Stop motion explosion
    2 napja


  53. Dinogames H
    Dinogames H
    2 napja

    Minecraft when you didn’t make this: every thing makes sense. You: I’m going to make this video on Minecraft. Minecraft when thay see this vid: oh man we messed up

  54. Sohail Aji
    Sohail Aji
    2 napja

    The score is how much XP you gained since you last died

  55. Sohail Aji
    Sohail Aji
    2 napja

    In bedrock, if a chicken dies on a campfire, you get cooked chicken

  56. Rachael Sowards
    Rachael Sowards
    2 napja

    Why when you look down at a flower pot top you see dirt. But when you look at the bottom you can see through it?!?!?

  57. Darling NK
    Darling NK
    2 napja

    You can use boats on land in minecraft...

  58. Dapperduck
    2 napja

    villagers reproduce by kissing

  59. UrBoiAvocado
    2 napja

    The fact that you are as tall as 2 blocks, but can hold hundreds of them in your pockets

  60. Voyd Clan
    Voyd Clan
    2 napja

    Prickly boy

  61. Crazy fun with Hannah
    Crazy fun with Hannah
    2 napja

    Blocks float

  62. Amie Downing
    Amie Downing
    3 napja


  63. Prince Vegeta
    Prince Vegeta
    3 napja

    “We should put the entirety of redstone in here” Ok Grian, but if redstone going in there, so is building.

  64. Claire Sheridan
    Claire Sheridan
    3 napja

    7:40 That's really rare for a village to spawn in a manchion

  65. Endadeano
    3 napja

    Prickerly boy

    3 napja


  67. Darwin Manahan
    Darwin Manahan
    3 napja

    The prikle cactus haha cactus is stronger than netherite hahahahhahahahhahaahhaha!!!

  68. Ashton Giertz
    Ashton Giertz
    3 napja

    8:50 because cobwebs are sticky

  69. Arn Ze Barn
    Arn Ze Barn
    3 napja

    Those rooms are 🤷

  70. Sabre
    3 napja

    You would also explode if you hit water from an extremely high place

  71. BaKonSkull
    3 napja

    When you kill a sheep or a cow They drop meat But why is there a chance to get more than 1 Like why will l get 3 raw beef from a cow and later just 1 raw beef... IS EVERYTHING ELSE POISON

  72. Traffic Cone
    Traffic Cone
    3 napja

    10:16 when ur falling from a very high place u won't take fall damage if landing on slime yet of you crouch and land on slime you take fall damage...

  73. A.N.
    3 napja

    2:09 in Pocket it does work

  74. Knotty Healer
    Knotty Healer
    3 napja

    This is your best video by far

  75. Raylan Snelling
    Raylan Snelling
    4 napja

    For a ton of them

  76. Liliana Prokopowicz
    Liliana Prokopowicz
    4 napja

    Ik another thing that doesn’t make sense When you place top snow over another top snow, its on the ground When you place a CARPET ON TOP OF ANOTHER CARPET, floats.

  77. Michael Hen
    Michael Hen
    4 napja

    Pillagers live in this mansion Vindicators and evokers do, not pillagers Edit: they do but the often go to watch out towers.

  78. Rachael Bond
    Rachael Bond
    4 napja

    **pogos on sawblade aggressively**

  79. Ria School
    Ria School
    4 napja

    the number is for the mobs you killed

  80. Hebi Drawz
    Hebi Drawz
    4 napja

    Just a heads up the score is just the exp points you got before dying

  81. Lachlan Vangestel
    Lachlan Vangestel
    4 napja

    2:18 OMG

  82. Lachlan Vangestel
    Lachlan Vangestel
    4 napja


  83. VoltEeveePlayz
    4 napja

    when grian says granite: me: **grian-ite**

  84. Mohini S Kamat
    Mohini S Kamat
    4 napja

    The fact that stone cutter doesn't do damage is stupid and pigmen don't burn in lava bro how don't there bones melt.

  85. Braiden Cody Dumlao
    Braiden Cody Dumlao
    4 napja

    The pirkly boy

  86. Joseph Lewis
    Joseph Lewis
    4 napja

    How come when you place a block next to cactus it breaks!?!?!?

  87. Qwertyuiop Asdfghjkl
    Qwertyuiop Asdfghjkl
    4 napja

    Minecraft logic that makes no sense u can place dirt and it floats but one block of sand falls

  88. Jianping Wang
    Jianping Wang
    4 napja

    Anvils are heavier than torches but they get destroyed by a freaking STICK ON FIRE

  89. Qwertyuiop Asdfghjkl
    Qwertyuiop Asdfghjkl
    4 napja

    Cactus for the win!!! :)

  90. Juan-Carlos Gomez
    Juan-Carlos Gomez
    4 napja

    Thing that doesn’t make sense: when you crafts bookshelf it requires wood and the bookshelf block looks like it has wood. BUT when you break it you only get the books. 😯

    1. Bddbdbdb Bdbddbdbdb
      Bddbdbdb Bdbddbdbdb
      3 napja

      When the bookshelf is sus.

  91. ・Violet_kit_gacha・
    4 napja

    5:12 Dream Manhunt

  92. Godbeer Family
    Godbeer Family
    4 napja

    How do cows have children if they are all female?

  93. FredFozzGame Z
    FredFozzGame Z
    4 napja

    The fact that water of lava doesn’t flow down they just stay mi said if you place it

  94. Sam Kent
    Sam Kent
    4 napja

    4:30. 1.17 part 1/2 p: Ima end thus mans whole career

  95. tatsu
    5 napja

    redstone prolly upgraded to being wireless

  96. dragon slayer
    dragon slayer
    5 napja

    There was one fact you didn't last it's that you have to wear gold armor if you're going to see piglins but zombie pigmen they're just okay with you and they're basically the same animal ones a zombie pig it looks more like a pig than the other one does

  97. Lorea Villota Goitia
    Lorea Villota Goitia
    5 napja


  98. Eyadtrixpro44
    5 napja

    U forgot if u pick lava in bucket in irl ot burns ur hands

  99. PRO Fire
    PRO Fire
    5 napja

    Do a face reveal

    1. Bddbdbdb Bdbddbdbdb
      Bddbdbdb Bdbddbdbdb
      3 napja

      Search grian face reveal

  100. Orangenatang
    5 napja

    This was so helpful thankks